Average guest spends 7,500 attending weddings.

Sounds like a "did you know" fact and now it is following a survey commissioned by UK department store Debenhams.

People in the UK spend on average 7,500 over a lifetime attending weddings across an average of 15 weddings. The figures indicate that the average wedding spend of a guest in the UK is 510 including 80 on clothing, 75 on gifts and 65 spent on accommodation.

The biggest cost though came in at 150 being spent on pre-wedding parties such as stag party and hen do's.

The poll took into account 1000 adults from across the UK. Some parts were found to splash out more such as Dublin where guests spend 260 on wedding clothes. London weddings and Glasgow weddings appear to draw in more spending on drinks averaging 150 on alcohol for the big day.

An adjacent report by Credit Expert found that 1.6 million of us willingly go into debt so we can afford to attend friends and families weddings.

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