Restaurant Review: McQueen Shoredtich

By Thomas Haydn Dee


MCQUEEN is the latest club / lounge & restaurant offering from entrepreneur Dezzi McCausland. We�ve deliberately held off until the restaurant part of the venue opened and had time to settle in. Three months into the venture we couldn�t wait anymore and so, Thursday came and we excitedly checked in for our reservation. I should say that I�ve been to the lounge bar before and so already had a sense of the layout and d�cor; though I haven�t dined previously and for my colleague, this was a first visit.


Arriving at around 6.30, the bar was already filling up creating a bustling, city cocktail hangout populated by a homogenous blend of city slickers and the inevitable Shoreditch set (you know, skinny jeans, tattoo sleeves and the obligatory where�s Wally faux-glasses) Surprisingly for a venue so decidedly East London there was a healthy contingent of made in Chelsea types. This is a positive thing, as the appeal of McQueen seems to cross borders of both location and genre.

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