Experiential Marketingx is the fastest growing, most important and efficient method of direct advertising today.

It's a chance to reach new audiences, reconnect with existing ones and still increase visibility in traditional media. It's your chance to keep your brand relevant, competitive and loved.

Today's saturated and fragmented advertising market, apart from offering less tangible return on investment and promoting consumer apathy, has a major flaw:

You can't taste a TV ad, you can't touch a Facebook banner and you can't smell the coffee on the radio!

Experiential Marketing isn't new but it is increasingly relevant for brand survival. We can help you formulate an integrated media strategy, incorporating experiential, sensory and in-situ marketing whilst retaining traditional media visibility.

We're not talking free hot-dogs at V-Festival (though why not?!) but researched, proven methodology to deliver tailored brand awareness through live events

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